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Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

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Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

The EQ8 High Precision EQ mount is pier tripod - based. It comes with SynScan hand hand controller,  2x10kg counterweights, with a payload of 50kg.  The patented Freedom Find (dual-encoder) technolgy allows the telescope to be moved manually whenever the user wishes - but with no need for re-alignment!

♦  50 kg Payload Capacity

♦  Super Smooth PE Curve

♦ Freedom Find


♦  Whisper Slew

♦  Small Backlash

♦  Auto-Home Function

♦  DSRL Interface

Freedom Find™ - tracking made easy!

With the patented Freedom Find (dual-encoder) technology which allows the telescope to be moved manually or electronically in either axis without losing its alignment or positional information. After moving to a new object the telescope will automatically begin to track the new object accurately. No re-setup is required in one observing session.

The EQ8 mount is equipped with auxiliary encoders on both the R.A. axis and Dec. axis. Therefore, the mount can keep tracking its current position even when a user unlocks the clutches and rotates the mount in R.A. axis and Dec. axis manually.  With this feature, a user can manually operate the mount anytime without worrying about losing the mount’s alignment status. When the user wants to operate the mount with the SynScan hand control again, no alignment is required and all that is needed to be done is to re-lock the clutches.
This feature can be enabled or disabled on the SynScan hand controller.
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction
The EQ8 mount is equipped with an index on its R.A. worm thus the motor controller can keep tracking the current position of the worm. After a proper PEC training routine, in which the training data is stored in the motor controller permanently, a user can start the periodic error correction (PEC) at any time to improve the tracking performance for short focal length astrophotography. A training process is not required in the next observing session (assuming that the polar alignment is always accurate), thus this is a Permanent Period Error Correction (PPEC). A user can train the mount with manual guiding or auto-guiding. For detailed instructions,
  •  Batch Exposure Function
The EQ8 mount is equipped with a SNAP port which can control the shutter release of a camera. Working with the SynScan hand control’s “Camera Control” function, a user can take batch exposures when doing astrophotography. Up to 8 groups of “Exposure-time & Frames” combinations can be set on the SynScan hand controller. For detailed information, refer to the SynScan hand control’s instruction manual.
  • Auto-Home Function
The EQ8 mount is equipped with two home position sensors. Working with the SynScan hand controller, the mount can be placed to the same home position after turning on the power. For detailed information, refer to the SynScan hand control’s instruction manual.
  • Specifications
  • Mount Type German Equatorial
  • Counter Weight 2x10 kg
  • Motor Drive 0.9 º Hybrid Stepper Motor
  • GoTo SynScan hand controller
  • Tripod Height Pier Tripod
  • Tripod Weight 31 kg
  • Shipping Weight 31kg+28kg+11kg
  • Shipping Carton Dimensions 98x48x50 cm3; 66x61x71 cm3; 24x13x26 cm3
  • Power Supply DC11-16v 4A
  • Payload Capacity 50 kg
  • Tracking Modes EQ
  • Tracking Rates sidereal, dolar rate, lunar rate
  • Slewing Speed Maximum 3.3 degrees/second
  • Guiding Speed 0.125x, 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x

Skywatcher EQ8 Manual  4MB

  • Will ship by carrier due to total weight,  please ask for a quote.

             You can of course pick up,  suggest you bring a big vehicle ,  won't fit in a hatch .

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Weight 130.00 kg
Market price: $8150.00
Our price: $6499.00
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Deep Sky Stacker (Freeware)

Deep Sky Stacker (Freeware) SkyStacker is a freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures.

  • Registering

  • Stacking

  • Simple post-stacking processes to quickly view the final result.

  • Saving the resulting image to a TIFF or FITS file (16 or 32 bit)

After a shooting night you give all your pictures (light frames, darks frames, offset/bias frames, flat frames) to DeepSkyStacker and you go to bed. The next morning (or is it afternoon?) you can see the result and start post-processing.


If you can't wait, [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/live.htm"] DeepSkyStacker Live[/a] is also available to watch the result of an ongoing imaging session being created as the images are downloaded from the CCD or DSLR.


DeepSkyStacker: Main Features

  •  Automatic registration of a set of pictures

  • Automatic detection of stars using all the picture area

  • Preview of registered stars

  • Sub pixel registration

  • Automatic derotation

  • Automatic creation and use of offsets, flats and darks frames

  • Sub pixel alignment and stacking

  • Supported bitmaps formats : 8, 16 and 32 bit colour and monochrome TIFF files, 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit colour and monochrome FITS files, JPEG, BMP, PNG

  • Native use of RAW files from most DSLRs (CR2, NEF, CRW, DNG ...) without using an intermediate file format (TIFF or other).

  • Darks, Flats and Offsets computed from and applied directly to the RAW picture before any interpolation.

  • [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#stackingmethods"]Stacking methods[/a]: average, median, kappa-sigma clipping, auto adaptive weighted average, entropy weighted average, maximum...

  • Preview of all pictures (including RAW)

  • Simple post-processing with RGB levels, luminance curve and saturation adjustments.

  • Save the resulting picture to 16 or 32 bit TIFF or FITS files with or without adjustments applied.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Optimal memory usage: the same amount of memory is required to register and stack 10 or 500 pictures.

  • Optimal usage of all available processors (hyperthreaded, multiprocessors, duo and quad core processors)

  • English, [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#Spanish"]Spanish[/a], French,  [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#Czech"]Czech[/a], [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#Italian"]Italian[/a], [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#Catalan"] Catalan[/a], [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#German"]German[/a], [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#Dutch"]Dutch[/a], [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#TraditionalChinese"]Traditional Chinese[/a] and [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/introduction.htm#Portuguese"] Portuguese/Brazilian[/a] versions

DeepSkyStacker: Advanced Features

  • Automatic determination of Darks, Flats and Offsets to be applied to the pictures using ISO speed and exposure time.

  • Several [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#rawdecod" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single"]methods[/a] to optimize the RAW files processing by using the best of the Bayer matrix without interpolating the missing pixels.

  • Option to [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#hotpixels"]automatically detect hot pixels[/a] and during the registering process

  • Options to [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#hotpixelsremoval"]automatically detect and remove hot pixels[/a] and [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#badlinesdetection"]bad columns[/a] during the stacking process

  • Options to [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/userguide.htm#cosmetictab"]detect and clean hot and cold pixels[/a] remaining after calibration.

  • Automatic flat calibration to equalize luminosity differences

  • Automatic calibration of pictures background for each channel

  • Automatic Dark Optimization

  • Automatic use of a bicubic, bilinear or bisquared alignment transformation depending of the number of stars.

  • Creation of File Lists to speed up loading of often used files (darks, flats, offsets/bias...).

  • [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#cometstacking"]Comet Stacking[/a]

  • [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/userguide.htm#imagepreview"]Manual edition[/a] of stars and comet positions

  • [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#Drizzle"]Drizzle[/a] option (x2 or x3) during the stacking process.

  • Possible use of B&W 16 bit FITS files like RAW files (automatic use of a Bayer Filter Pattern).

  • Use of [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/technical.htm#filegroup"]File Groups[/a] to simplify multiple nights on the same object file management.

  • Options to create a calibrated and registered file for each light frame.

  • Debloom

  • [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/userguide.htm#cosmetictab"]Cosmetic options[/a] to detect and clean remaining hot/cold pixels from calibrated images.

  • Feature to create [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/userguide.htm#creatingstarmask"]Star Masks[/a]

  • Feature [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/userguide.htm#batchstacking"]to batch multiple stacks[/a]

  • [a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/commandline.htm"]Command-Line version[/a]

What is not DeepSkyStacker?

DeepSkyStacker is not a post processing software with advanced options like noise reduction, wavelets, unsharp mask...

DeepSkyStacker cannot be used for planetary pictures registering and stacking.

[a href="http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/index.html"]Click here to download[/a]


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Deep Sky Stacker (Freeware) Eyepiece 25mm 1.25" Long eyerelief Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter

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Over the last weeks stock has been arriving to replenish the gaps after Christmas sales. We have many amazing bargains at present on Reflectors, refractors, and dobsonians. The Skywatcher 6 inch (150mm) dobsonian is now only $529, the lowest price we have eaver been able to seel this scope. Completely manual, so easy to use, good 6 inchs of aperture to show lots of amazing t...

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